Rocky Ruperto

Session Topics:

Shared debt recovery

Rocky is the Legal and Policy Officer for Avant. He advocates for changes to health-related legislation, regulation and policy with the aim of making a positive difference to the practice of medicine and the Australian healthcare system. He also provides support to doctors by developing a range of medico-legal educational content and sharing information that encourages doctors to reduce their medico-legal risk and improve patient safety and quality.

Supporting Avant members has been the ‘perfect match’ of Rocky’s two passions – health and the law. He has firsthand experience managing Avant members’ civil claims and disciplinary matters, including Medicare audits and employment disputes. Rocky has worked with Avant since 2013, but recently joined the Advocacy, Education and Research Division, which was a long-time goal of his. He is committed to ‘keeping it simple’ for doctors, so they can concentrate on what they do best – keeping people healthy and driving medical innovation. Prior to his role at Avant, Rocky has worked for Australian and international insurance companies, in the areas of professional and financial institutions indemnity.