Michael McCash

Session Topic: The Impact Patient Engagement has on Health

Michael McCash is the Head of Marketing at HotDoc. He has worked in SaaS and technology for over 15 years with a passion for solving problems in complex industries. Michael is an advocate for understanding the needs of patients and aligning these to the role medical centres play in helping people better engage with their health. He credits this to what has enabled HotDoc to grow into the largest patient engagement platform in Australia, with over 13,500 GPs and 3,000,000 patients.

Each month HotDoc books 950K+ appointments and sends 3M+ messages to patients to help raise the healthcare experience for everyone in Australia. With a strong stance on patient privacy and continuity of care, HotDoc places its focus on encouraging patients to remain with their existing clinic, while making it easy for clinics to communicate with patients and encourage them to play a more proactive role in their health.