Gayelene ClewsGayelene Clews has worked with many of the World’s very best athletes.  She knows a good practice manager is like a successful coach, building sound systems for efficient practice management.  Positive outcomes are process driven with an emotionally intelligent and metacognitive approach to staff well-being and client engagement.  Self-regulating and harnessing emotions to connect with staff and clients so they feel heard, validated, supported and inspired.

Metacognition is the ability to think about your thinking, to reflect on and adapt one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Metacognitive knowledge involves understanding one’s own emotions and the emotions of others.  For example, an athlete who is self-aware knows that their negative communication can escalate feelings of anxiety in a team mate, causing their muscles to tighten and biomechanics to change when shooting a goal in basketball.  On the other-hand, reassuring the team-mate may assist them to self-regulate, slow down their breathing, relax their muscles and quiet their mind to better execute the shot.

A self-aware practice manager may consciously take time-out when they become frustrated, breathe deeply and speak slowly before addressing staff because they know frustration builds defensiveness and is not conducive to successful outcomes.   The ability to monitor and strategically self-regulate emotions, is metacognition in action.  Emotionally intelligent environments lead to more effective problem solving with positive outcomes. It is not just the process but how it is executed that matters.

Dr Grant LesterDr Grant Lester is a consultant forensic psychiatrist employed by the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health, Victoria. His background is in prison and high security forensic psychiatry. He was previously Director of Training for the Victorian Forensic Psychiatry Program and is currently a member of the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal. Since the mid 90’s he has researched those who would be best described as querulant and vexatious complainants and litigants.

His research has been published in both legal and psychiatric journals.

He now specialises in presenting to and training government departments, public corporations and the judiciary, in the management of the vexatious and unreasonable complainant including threat assessments and management of threatening and violent complainants and litigants.

Leonie ArnebarkLeonie Arnebark is the CEO of Reality Marketing and has two decades of integrated marketing management and coaching experience. Leonie has headed up high performance marketing teams specifically in the healthcare arena including medical, allied health, dental and beauty and now looks after a number of successful clients who continue to soar with the help of Leonie and her team.

Reality Marketing was developed to enable businesses to access experienced and qualified marketing management, offering marketing expertise without the excessive cost of executive salaries or complexities of short term employment arrangements. Delivering authentic and practical marketing, the award -winning marketing company led by Leonie Arnebark supports clients across Australia essentially operating as their Marketing Manager, as they need it.

Leonie brings with her knowledge, expertise and her genuine reality marketing ability to take a company’s marketing to the next level. From development of an integrated marketing plan, copywriting, PR, website enhancement or managing a client’s social media platform, Reality Marketing covers all aspects of marketing.

Leonie is a passionate marketing all-rounder who is committed to providing the strategic direction and execution support needed to achieve sustainable growth for her client’s businesses.

Tracey is the CEO of Inala Primary Care, a charitable, multidisciplinary, teaching and research active practice in Queensland’s most disadvantaged suburban location.  In 2015 she undertook a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship studying how to bring care out of hospitals and into the community.  In May 2016 the organisation was recognised by AGPAL as Australian Practice of the Year.  In 2017, the practice grew by 20% and provided over 40,000 consultations, with just 28,500 provided by doctors.  This is one demonstration of how the practice embraces multi-disciplinary care and innovation.  She is a Member of the Evaluation Working Group of the Australian Healthcare Homes Program, the e-mental Health Advisory Committee of the Black Dog Institute and the Primary Care Advisory Group of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.   She is also an active health services researcher and pioneer in the area of bridging the health and social care divide.  Her energy and entrepreneurial approach have made her a popular presenter at many AAPM Conferences.

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