Anne Chater

Session Topic: Regional and Rural General Practice: Challenges and opportunities in supporting your workforce

Anne and her husband Alan started Theodore Medical in January 1981. It was soon obvious to Anne that there was many areas of improvement that could be implemented to invest in and improve the new practice whilst developing a professional and trusting relationship with the Theodore community.

After implementing many of Desmond Higgs management tools, Anne went to her first AAPM workshop in Brisbane where she became the AAPM Qld Rural representative – meeting at the home of Colleen Sullivan. Anne  was instrumental in starting the newly formed Rural Doctors Association (RDAQ) spouses subcommittee – what is now known and the Qld Rural Medical Family Network.

Anne’s connection with AAPM grew and she attended the first UNE program and gained her Diploma of Practice Management. She was awarded her Fellowship of AAPM on the 01 February 1993.

Anne has spoken on the international stage including Beijing and Crete on the Rural Medical Family Network and presented in Brazil on the how a practice manages in a disaster. She certainly had the credibility to present having seen Theodore Medical destroyed in the 2010 flood. Anne had the Practice back up and running once the town’s people were allowed back into Theodore ten days post evacuation. She was able to organise and co-ordinate new equipment and supplies whilst giving team members the time required to rectify their own flooded personal lives. Her attention to detail was such to ensure there were adequate immunisation supplies to ensure all volunteers had adequate cover.

Anne extends the quintessential AAPM Practice Manager outside the Practice to ensure rural communities have access to safe and appropriate primary health care as city counterparts do. This has been boosted through her involvement with other organisations such as the Isolated Children’s Parent’s Association, Rotary Books for Babes and as former Chair of the Qld and National Rural Medical Family Networks.