Angela Mason-Lynch

Session Topics:

  • PracticeHub – your VERY practical partner when it comes to managing the practice
  • Applying QI Activities to Emerging Risks

Angela Mason-Lynch is the Practice Management Specialist for Avant in Practice Hub.

Angela has extensive experience managing practices of various disciplines and size.

A past State and National AAPM President, Fellow, Life Member & Certified Practice Manager; she has experience as a Board Member and expert committee member for multiple bodies in healthcare.

Angela is an Accreditation Surveyor and a trainer and assessor for UNEP, a Registered Nurse with a Post Grad Certificate in Nursing Management, a Diploma in Practice Management and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Angela has a history of commitment to ensuring health care is delivered safely with quality outcomes in a financially viable environment that is a desirable place in which to work.