Helping your practice to deliver outstanding veteran healthcare

1445 – 1520

The demographic profile of today’s DVA clients is diverse and our insights into their health needs continues to develop. DVA has the only comprehensive national health database that captures all veteran health interactions. We are working hard to make our processes easier for veterans and their health care providers to access and to understand. Dr Gardner will discuss the changing needs of today’s veterans, and highlight the unique, veteran-specific support available to assist your practice deliver the best possible veteran health care. DVA health care costs are demand-driven and uncapped, which means we can always fund clinically necessary treatment for your veteran patients, regardless of cost.

Recent developments include the Improved Allied Health Initiative; expansion of Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Non-Liability Health Care, Post-Discharge GP Health Assessment, and tele-psychiatry and tele-psychology; Provisional Access to Medical Treatment (PAMT) Trial; the CVC Mental Health Pilot and digital White Cards.

  • Understand the special DVA-funded initiatives available to practices to help them help our Veteran clients
  • Understand what items can be routinely covered by DVA’s Treatment card regimes – and how to use the Prior Approvals system for other clinically necessary, evidence-based requests.
  • Understand the financial incentives in addition to fee-for-service payments that DVA provides to help practices provide comprehensive treatment and support services to DVA clients.

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