RACGP Computer Security Guidelines

1415 – 1445

Information security is critical to the provision of safe, high-quality healthcare and the efficient running of a general practice. It is a fixed cost of doing business, and requires adequate allocation of financial and human resources to ensure business continuity and the protection of information assets. Information security involves prevention of inappropriate access, protection of personal information and preservation of practice data.

The RACGP Computer Security Guidelines have been refreshed to better align with both current security requirements and the RAXGP 5th edition standards in General Practice and are now known as “Information Security in General Practice”. The old Computer and Information Security Standards 2nd (the CiSS) edition will be retired in November 2018.

Information Security in General Practice reflects the changing technology environment and new security risks and threats and is designed to assist practices meet your legal obligations for information security. The resource details and recommends essential business practice, policies and procedures to help protect general practice information systems. It is not designed to be a technical document, but rather as an educational and training resource for GPs and practice teams.

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