Tuesday 24 October

The following workshops will be held at the conference venue on Tuesday 24 October. Participation is an additional cost (except AVANT workshop which is free for PracticeHub software users). If you wish to attend, please register via online registration portal.

Tuesday 24 October

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Streamlining practice management through effective systems, policies and procedures – a 21st century approach

Anna-Maria Gibb & Carmel Brown

Workshop attendance attracts 10 CPD


Standing out from the crowd – serving our patients with patience and care

Marion McKay


Manager or Practice Leader – Improving the performance of every team member

Simon Thiessen

Workshop attendance attracts 15 CPD points

Workplace Mental Health for Leaders – Intensive 

Tasha Broomhall

Workshop attendance attracts 15 CPD Points 


1300 – 1600  Repeated 
Marion will kindly run this pre-conference workshop in the afternoon to allow multiple staff from the same practice to attend. 
$165 / Free for PracticeHub software users – code required $95  $165  $165

Anna-Maria Gibb has extensive experience in the fields of business management, general practice accreditation and adult education and is passionate about creating resources that are reliable, current and meet the requirements of a changing healthcare practice environment.

Anna-Maria is the Senior Product and Operations Manager for Practicehub (formerly MyPracticeManual). She worked with Brisbane North Division of General Practice at a time when practices were undertaking their first round of Accreditation.  She developed a range of resources, workshops and services to support general practice.  More recently, Anna-Maria has worked with specialist and dental practices to develop resources that support their practices.

Anna-Maria holds a Bachelor of Business and Master of Education (Adult and Workplace Education).

Carmel Brown is a well-known practice management figure with over twenty years’ experience in practice management.  She is a Fellow of the Australian Association of Practice Managers and a former long-serving Queensland committee member, holding various executive positions.

Carmel was a surveyor for AGPAL having had the honour of conducting the first accreditation visit in Australia.  She holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Queensland.

Through Carmel’s business leadership and management techniques, she successfully led the amalgamation of two local General Practices and over ten years has overseen the Practice base grow tenfold.

Carmel’s experiences managing a General Practice helped her to identify a gap in current management practices for a web-based practice manual. Along with Anna-Maria, Carmel was the co-founder of MyPracticeManual.

Anyone who is currently using PracticeHub software can attend this workshop for free. Please contact Kristie Steggles for the complimentary code. You need this code before registering for the workshop. 

PracticeHub Presentation

Being a high performing practice manager is a challenging role for today’s busy practice manager.

Today’s Practice Manager needs to be across all parts of the business operation: organisational governance, finance, human resources, planning and marketing, technology, risk and compliance.

In addition they are dealing with an ever changing environment, making it challenging to keep up legislative requirements, Standards, health authority regulations, reputation management, patient expectations, and, of course ‘Dr Google’!

In this presentation, Anna-Maria Gibb and Carmel Brown from PracticeHub will discuss not just ‘what to do’, but equally importantly ‘how to’ manage the many parts of the practice management puzzle.

Good systems lead to good control, better accountability, and more consistent performance, decreased risk, improved reputation and increased practice viability.

Good policies and procedures that are accessible, current and reliable contribute to a positive culture within an organisation; support the organisation to achieve its goals and ensure uniform and consistent decision-making and operations procedures.

The workshop will provide delegates with an active learning approach to understand and develop systems and processes systems that streamline, and even automate the key tasks required to run a practice.

Delegate can expect to develop an understanding of:

  • the six key benefits of building systems
  • types of practice systems
  • the importance of internal controls
  • the advantages to the practice’s owners, managers, staff and patients of having effective systems along with consistent and transparent policies and procedures

Users of PracticeHub will be able to use this workshop as an opportunity to increase their knowledge of PracticeHub’s many functions.  Non PracticeHub users will be able to see (and test) its many features that simplify the demanding and challenging work required to set-up and maintain a practice’s systems.



Based in Adelaide Marion McKay loves being part of a professional ‘team’ of fine people working in the support of great service and care for our communities.

Meeting healthcare expectations has to be uppermost in our minds if we want to successfully care for the people that cross our paths and those who we are employed to serve.  Marion enjoys a career in service in business leadership; human resource management; community counselling; training and assessing as part of the University of New England Partnerships team – specialising in people leadership.

“It is my privilege in being able to proudly share helpful and supportive strategies, skills and aspects of my work to add to the magical diversity in healthcare and your work.

See you in Perth!  Marion”

Workshop Outline

As healthcare teams we are employed in businesses that relate to people.  Our roles, and how well we do what we do, are very much part of the business of people.  Both individually and as a part of a team we have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of our patients and all who attend our practice.  When we are unwell or facing daily struggles relating to health and wellbeing, people serving us can make all the difference.

Do we truly understand what our patients’ experiences might be when they attend our practices?  Do we consider what sometimes can get in the way of exceptional service?

Marion will take the lead in having us all think about people, our differences and our expectations when it comes to service.   Mindsets, habits and how these might reduce care and service.  Ways we can keep a personal check on ourselves at work and at play to enhance our lives and keep moving forward successfully both with enthusiasm and pride in all that we do.  A question we might like to ponder when thinking of service: ‘is there something I could be doing to be the best I can be in offering good care and service to patients; to my work colleagues and other people that cross my path each day?’

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Keeping private all that you know, say and do at work
  • Boundaries between our patients privacy and our own
  •  Competing tasks, mental wellbeing and self care
  • Communication delivery – planning,  engagement, action
  • Being real, being professional despite all that might be going on
  • Career paths, where are you now? Where are you going?  What do you want to achieve in life?  Is now the time to set goals to plan a career path for you?

Sit tight and get ready to be a recipient of Marion’s infectious view of being the best you can be when it comes to the care, wellbeing and service we can offer for others in everything we do!

Who would benefit from attending:

  • Receptionists
  • Front Office Coordinators
  • Team Leaders
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Managers
  • Practice Managers, Healthcare Workers
  • Allied Health
  • Practitioners
  • Practice Principals/Owners – service standards are for everyone!

Also includes a brief overview from Ben Ffrench, Director Business Development, UNEP re their education career path.



Simon Thiessen is the founder and CEO of The Real Learning Experience.  He is an entrepreneur with a background in leadership and sales. He has trained thousands of exceptional leaders, teams, and sales people to produce outstanding results for their organisations.

His ability to make learning relevant and engaging allows participants to apply what they learn to increase revenue, improve productivity and profitability, and develop more unified and effective teams.

When Simon works with your people, he brings the practical skills and strategies that allowed him to transform a small local training business into a national network.

Simon is active on LinkedIn.

The key topics we will be covering:

  • How does a practice manager become a practice leader?
  • The three critical focuses for all practice managers
  • Three behaviours that build practice leadership
  • The link between your leadership style and the performance and motivation of your people?
  • Strategies for dealing with poor performance and poor behaviour
  • The three outcomes of performance management – and the one you can’t accept
  • Increasing the commitment and engagement of your people
  • Your options when the team is in conflict
  • Leading people you don’t like
  • Conflict styles and strategies
  • Helping diverse personalities get along


Tasha Broomhall is the Director of Blooming Minds and has been providing mental health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia for 16 years. Tasha is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Expert Presenter (CEP), holds a Principal Master Trainer status from the MHFA Australia program; is currently completing a Masters of Sc Psychology; is the founder and Editor in Chief of Blooming Minds magazine and the author of a number of books and journals to promote personal and organisational mental health.  Tasha’s work has been recognised with the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Award in WA and recently as a finalist in the national LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention.

Mental health is a serious topic but with almost half of us experiencing mental illness in our lifetime, it is a subject that we need to talk openly about in our homes, workplaces and communities. Tasha draws from her background in psychology, disability, psycho-social rehabilitation and business, to talk about a serious topic in a relatable and humorous way.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to have a conversation around mental health and mental illness, particularly with regards to concerns about an employee’s mental health, either personally or professionally
  • The relevance of mental health in the workplace
  • The continuum of mental health and wellbeing
  • Ongoing strategies to support and maintain your own positive mental health
  • Statistics around the 4 most common mental illnesses
  • Additional resources and supports

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